Other things that members do

Running the theatre company is ongoing: it isn't just when a production is being presented. This section shows some of things that might not be obvious.

 Publicity Director and staff

We want the public to know about Kanata Theatre. We'd like each production to be publicized, and also we want people - YOU - to know about Kanata Theatre and become members. To get the word out, the publicity team must

Program designer

Kanata Theatre provides programs to enhance the audience's enjoyment of each production. For each program, the data must be assembled, together with photographs, and published as a program.

Newsletter Editor

Every month, Kanata Theatre members receive the newsletter "Greasepaint", with information about what's happening in Kanata Theatre and other items of interest to members.


The Season's brochures need to be designed, as do brochures for special events: they should be neat and pleasant to look at yet should contain all needed information about Kanata Theatre, the Ron Maslin Playhouse, and the season of plays.

Director of Plays and staff

Deciding on a season of plays is not easy. The playreading staff must, indeed, read many plays to be able to select a balanced season. Reading takes place all year long. During the summer, on one day each week, readers gather in the home of a member to read a play in a more relaxed setting.

Playhouse Operations manager and staff

There's always something that needs repairing or upgrading, whether it's a door-hinge, a drawer, or something in the workshop. The Playhouse manager ensures that the building is kept running properly.

Playhouse bookings agent

With five plays and a children's play each year, plus other Kanata Theatre activities as well as the external bookings for other groups and functions, one person has to make sure that no facility (the stage, the rehearsal hall, the foyer) get overbooked, and that there is no occasion on which two groups try to use the same facility at the same time!