Building the Ron Maslin Playhouse: Phase 1

Construction of the Ron Maslin Playhouse started in June 1995 with a formal ground-breaking ceremony, attended by the Mayor of the City of Kanata, Merle Nicholds, and . . . .  
There was a cake to mark the ceremony, and to pay respects to Ron Maslin whose name was to be given to the Playhouse. Mrs. Jane Maslin, Mrs. Grace Maslin and Mayor Nicholds cut the cake.  
Construction began immediately, pouring the concrete foundation and then backfilling.  
The steel structure followed.  
Then the interior walls were roughed in. At this point some members were able to examine the interior,  
and have the first (but not the last) pieces of pizza to be eaten in the Playhouse.  
Finally, the basic building was complete, and was thrown open to inspection. Here, Jim Holmes takes one group on a tour of the structure.  
Actors and others could stroll on the stage and in the auditorium - but as yet there were no seats for an audience.